Configurable controls

You can now configure keyboard controls from the options -> controls menu.

You can also adjust the controller deadzone and axis inversion. If your controller is not supported at all, you can use Steam Big Picture or Controllermap to add an entry into gamecontrollerdb.txt for now. I'll add a nicer interface soon if people need it.

Since initial release I've fixed up Gif export on Windows. Now starts up when audio is disabled.

Changed the track selection view.

Improved performance, due to a silly bug I was drawing a lot of stuff that wasn't actually visible.

Next up on the list of things to do is to add support for "banks" of tracks, each bank will have 12 slots for tracks. There will be the default built-in bank and then you'll be able to have additional banks for your own creations or ones the community has created.

After that if nothing goes wrong I'll be focusing most of my work on the Track Editor to make it a pleasure to use for me and you and allow placing trackside objects to make them more interesting and memorable.

Then do a lot of work on designing really nice tracks for you to race on.

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I cant get my INNEXT SNES controller to work. needs that interface to map out buttons. I wanna try this game head to head two player! Successfully mapped one to keys thru Steam, but while set to gamepads the game doesn't recognize left/right. seems like all other buttons work though. Also, the controller set to keys will jump two entries up or down on menus.

Having the same issue with undoing keybinding enter by accident but on linux. Deleting the config.ini didn't help and I don't see the input keymap line when I open the file to edit. Tried deleting and re-unpacking the zip too. Is there another config file somewhere I need to change?

Hi i tried to rebind some keys on keyboard layout, but it does not unbind keys. I irreparably damaged it by binding enter to back, so it cant select anything. Where can i find the settings config file?

Hi, you can fix it by editing C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\impbox\vektor2089\config.ini

Look for the Input keymap line, you should just be able to delete that line and it'll reset it.

Thank you very much, now I can try the game!