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The game works by giving you a random Starting Page from Wikipedia's featured articles, and 3 random "Quests" which are some words I picked that I thought might be fun. Your goal is to navigate from the Starting Page to pages related to the 3 Quests, you can do them in any order, you'll get a notification when you complete a quest and receive an additional 10 steps. Once you've completed all the quests, you must return to the Starting Page, however you can never revisit a page you've already visited, so you'll need to plan a way back out of the vortex.

Note: All Wikipedia content is created by Wikipedia users not by me, please do not judge the content

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AuthorImpbox Games
TagsLudum Dare 48, wiki, wikipedia
LinksLudum Dare

Install instructions

you can grab the source and build it from here https://github.com/ftsf/ld48-wikiVortex/


impbox-wikivortex-ld48-windows.zip 76 MB


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Neat idea, spent a while playing, fun!


This is a really neat experience! It's something that I and many other people have done on Wikipedia before, but it's cool that you formalized it into a standalone application with quests. I completed a vortex with 22 moves to spare ;)
Cool idea!

Thanks! yeah it’s an old idea, but I think the quests and rules help make it more interesting. I think the number of moves is too generous as it is, I think i’ll tweak it a bit.