A deckbuilding tower defence game about defending your servers from attackers on the net.


  • Keep your servers online as you defend
    them against attackers sending bad packets (red).
    Receive credits from user packets (blue).
  • Place tile modules (cards) from your console (hand)
    (click on the card to select it, then click on the grid to place it) 
    onto the 4x4 grid to connect your servers to the net.
    The tiles contain both paths and some contain defence systems.
    However the defence systems decay over 3 waves.
    You'll need to replace them regularly to ensure you are protected.
  • You can acquire new modules from the cache (supply) in exchange for credits.
    • Double click the module to buy, if you have enough credits.
    • If there's nothing you want to buy, you can flush the cache once per wave for 1 credit.
    • As well as tile modules there are also action modules (green and yellow)
      • Yellow: placed over tiles
      • Green: played directly (double click)
  • Action modules (green and yellow)
    • Yellow: placed over tiles
    • Green: played directly (double click)
  • Tile modules

    • Action modules (green and yellow)
      • Yellow: placed over tiles
      • Green: played directly (double click)
  • At the end of a wave:
    • Your defence systems decay (represented by the yellow dots below them), after 3 waves they will be non-functional and the module needs to be replaced.
    •  Your credits are capped at the number of servers you have online.
    • Your console (hand) is discarded into the stack (discard).
    • 5 new modules (cards) are drawn from your deque (draw pile).
    • A new wave will begin and packets will begin to appear from the net or infected servers.
    • Each server regains one health.
  • If bad packets reach one of your servers it will take damage, if it sustains 8 damage it will become an infected server. Which is another source of bad packets on your network. You can use ANTI.VIR to restore it and regain health. (currently a bug, you need to play it on a tile in the column of the server)
  • You must always maintain a connection from at least one of your servers to the net. The more servers connected the more users will spawn at the start of a wave, giving you more money, but it will also be accessible to more attackers, so be careful. If you lose connection for 10 seconds, the game is over.

Title font by https://www.patreon.com/somepx/


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after a while it seemed like I bought all the good stuff from the market (cache) and my deck couldn't improve anymore - that's when I quit playing. would be cool if that was somehow changed. There's also room for ideas like tiles granting an extra flush or card draw per round, which would be cool. Otherwise neat game, fun for the first 50 waves or so.

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I love this game. High score, 1742. 

i cant use the store the game screen is too big for my monitor i can only just about tell what i could buy but i cant see the price or buy anything.

did this just get "updated"? -_-

not yet!

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As an avid td-player this feels very original and unique to me. It's a shame it's only one endless mode and not levels or unlocks or any kind of meta progression. I like this a lot but I suppose since it's ludum dare it's a fire and forget kind of thing? I'd love to see some more work on this.