A game about fostering cats that are delivered to you daily after you accidentally subscribed to a service online.

NOTE: If you have trouble with stuttering audio, please try the downloadable versions.


  • Don't leave empty boxes where new deliveries go, you'll stop them from being delivered (unless that's your plan)
  • Block deliveries if you have too many cats. You'll lose your bonus, but you might not get overwhelmed by cats.
  • If it's too fast, choose a slower speed in the settings (escape).
  • You can only buy one item at a time, so use quiet periods to do multiple shopping trips.


  • Click on the game to give it keyboard focus.
  • ARROW KEYS and Z/Y (grab/drop) and  X (use item/door).
  • ENTER to skip cutscenes.
  • ESCAPE for menu (sound controls and game speed)
  • New cats are delivered to your house every day in boxes,
  • Take the box (Z/Y) inside and open it while holding it (X).
  • Fill cat bowl with food when it's empty.
  • Fill litter box with litter.
  • Empty dirty litter box into bin and refill.
  • Leave bins out on the street on bin night (thursday), garbage truck comes every friday morning.
  • Go to the shops to buy supplies. New bowls, litter boxes, cleaning sprays, bins, etc.
  • Go to the adoption center at the far right to see which cats are wanted for adoption.
  • If you have a cat of the same colour, personality, age and with enough hearts you can take it to the adoption center and leave it there.
Published Dec 03, 2017
PlatformsLinux, HTML5
AuthorImpbox Games
Tagscats, Cute, Ludum Dare 40
LinksLudum Dare


ld40-2017-12-04-win32.zip 1 MB
ld40-2017-12-04-linux.tar.gz 5 MB
ld40-web.zip 401 kB


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Sadly, there is a lot of problems with growing broke thanks to the fact.... Out of seven cats you cannot adoption out a single one. But good game, it's addicting. 

Besides giving up and crashes, lags, etc.. IT has a good mechanic I enjoy.

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the downloads won't work, they keep giving me an error message when i try to run them after downloading :(

great game!  very challenging.  i ran into some bugs where i could no longer pick up the litter box, and then it happened with a cat too.  they were both next to a wall, so i think maybe they are getting stuck?