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A game about fostering cats that are delivered to you daily after you accidentally subscribed to a service online.

NOTE: If you have trouble with stuttering audio, please try the downloadable versions.


  • Don't leave empty boxes where new deliveries go, you'll stop them from being delivered (unless that's your plan)
  • Block deliveries if you have too many cats. You'll lose your bonus, but you might not get overwhelmed by cats.
  • If it's too fast, choose a slower speed in the settings (escape).
  • You can only buy one item at a time, so use quiet periods to do multiple shopping trips.


  • Click on the game to give it keyboard focus.
  • ARROW KEYS and Z/Y (grab/drop) and  X (use item/door).
  • ENTER to skip cutscenes.
  • ESCAPE for menu (sound controls and game speed)
  • New cats are delivered to your house every day in boxes,
  • Take the box (Z/Y) inside and open it while holding it (X).
  • Fill cat bowl with food when it's empty.
  • Fill litter box with litter.
  • Empty dirty litter box into bin and refill.
  • Leave bins out on the street on bin night (thursday), garbage truck comes every friday morning.
  • Go to the shops to buy supplies. New bowls, litter boxes, cleaning sprays, bins, etc.
  • Go to the adoption center at the far right to see which cats are wanted for adoption.
  • If you have a cat of the same colour, personality, age and with enough hearts you can take it to the adoption center and leave it there.

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Published 8 days ago
PlatformsLinux, HTML5
AuthorImpbox Games
Tagscats, Cute, Ludum Dare 40
LinksLudum Dare


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