A downloadable game for Windows

A puzzle-platformer with a rocket with controls that fall off every time you release them.

Made in 48 hours for GMTK Game Jam 2020

Arrow Keys or WASD: LEFT/RIGHT to steer, UP to thrust, DOWN to reverse.

  • X to Eject.
  • Enter to quick restart.
  • Escape for mission select.

Press F9 to dump a gif to AppData/impbox/ctrlAltEject/videos/

Careful of those buttons.

Dev notes: The Intro mission is pretty different and I wasted a big chunk of time on it when I probably should have been doing level design, but I think it adds something. But it may be a bit buggy, feel free to skip the Intro and go to the main levels if it annoys you.

You can unlock all levels by pressing U on the mission select.

Missing features:

  • Playtesting
  • Good level design
  • Interesting new mechanics
  • Scoreboards

The download version is probably better, but you can also play on Web at https://www.impbox.net/ctrlAltEject/

Made with Nico Game Framework and Nim Programming Language


ctrlAltEject.zip 1,002 kB

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