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That's my most favorite game you ever made. <3 The puzzle design is sooo goddamn good, it's kind of challenging to figure out how the placing of the nine alien types can be best managed! Also, the pixel art is so cute. :) And oh, let me congratulate you to the 1st place in the Ludum Dare 38 for "Smalltrek"! Well deserved. <3 That way it's not far to seek why I not just wrote an article about it as well as uploaded a gameplay video of your game, but also included it in our GOTY 2017 list. It was an absolute blast to play! <3 Keep up the wonderful work, looking forward to your new (puzzle?) games, you're super talented. :)

Best wishes,

Loved it!

This is a seriously adorable little puzzle :) I love the way that you introduce concepts one by one and then assemble complex problems from apparently simple elements.

An Undo button would be very welcome (even just one undo level or two), due to the possibility of causing multiplication or plant-destroying disasters with a stray move - especially towards the end (currently on level 28 and picking my way through a forest of tribbles...)

Seconded. I kept accidentally calming my warriors (Romulans? they appeared too ambivalent about tribbles to be Klingons) and losing the ability to kill tribbles.

Very cool!

Ahh, this is fun!

I found a bug with level 7 - if you just move a not'tribble next to the other one, it counts it as 0 moves and you can't pass the level. :( Took me a few goes to figure out I needed to move one halfway, so it'd count as 1 move.

Thanks for the bug report! I knew there was a problem with the move count, but didn't realise it was stopping progress. Will get that fixed asap.


Really enjoyed this. Very clever way to do Star Trek. :)

Awesome game!!